Unidentified Slave 2 (Kalla) (Zygerria)
Unidentified Slave 2 (Zygerria)
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Species Twi'lek
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown (Eyebrows)
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Orangeish-Red
Chronological And Political Information
Era Rise Of The Empire Era
  • Clone Wars Era
Affiliation Zygerrian Slavers Guild (Slave)
Known Masters Miraj Scintel

The slave of Zygerrian noble Kodas Mors. Kalla was captured on Ryloth and brought to Zygerria when she was young. She is seen lokking over zygerrian equipment. She is used as a sex slave and is forced into sexual interaction by her master daily. She is rescued after the defeat of the jedi master Kenobi in the arena where her master is assasinated and she is taken to safety by Kilas Windrunner. He later frees her and she becomes a crewmember aboard the Windrunner

She is meek and scared of her master. She expresses her feelings mostly through her singing until she is rescued by Kilas

She wears a thin bodysuit which leaves little to the imagination. While singing she is forced to strip amd dance for her master amd the guards of the royal palace

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